What a wild time to be alive!  I felt that the Lord was breathing on a scripture in 2 Corinthians to bring fresh revelation, understanding and wisdom in these wild times we’re living in.  I am reminded that our purpose in this life, in all that we do and in all that we’re involved with, is really simple.  In a society that seems to be laser fast with everything and seems to even be accelerating, our sole purpose is simply to be loved and to become more like Jesus.  More important than the ‘what‘ we do in this life is the ‘who‘ that we become through this life.  2 Corinthians 3:18 says, “But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.”  We learn something so important through the Word of God for our daily lives through this word.  We learn that:

1) We have unveiled faces before the Lord.  There is NO shame, no hiding, no embarrassment and no lack of access to the Father.  We simply come as we are before the Lord through the Spirit who brings freedom and the Son who purchased us with His Holy Blood. Nothing can stop you from coming straight to the Father for ALL of life’s needs.
2) We are being shaped and transformed by the glory of the Lord, and it is by His glory that we are being transformed to become just like Jesus—in His ‘same image and likeness.’  Our destination in life is to become just like Jesus and to love like Him, think like Him, relate like Him and pray like Him.
3) By the Holy Spirit, we are brought to and transformed through one degree/revelation of glory to another degree of glory.  It is in the very glory of the LORD of the entire universe that we are being shaped, taught, molded and transformed to become JUST LIKE JESUS!  Hallelujah!!

In understanding these three main truths within this verse, we can shape our life around our central core purpose in life to receive love and become just like Love Himself.  From this place, the busyness of life’s fast pace full of distractions, demands, opportunities and trials suddenly seems to blur out and our top pursuit to be transformed to become like Jesus and love like Jesus takes residence in our hearts and in our minds.  Then, our pathway in life becomes more clear, free from the excess clutter as we posture our hearts in greater devotion to Jesus, loving Him with the love He first gave us, and becoming more and more like Him in His glory as we continue to abide in oneness with Him 🙂

Holy Spirit then asked me, “How does a mirror tarnish?” Looking it up, I found “Mirror rot, or mirror desilvering as it’s officially called, is when the shiny surface of your mirror begins to fade to an ugly, tarnished black. Oftentimes, this desilvering begins as tiny, almost unnoticeable black dots along the corners or edges of your mirror. Over time the dots grow and multiply until they smooth together into a black blur….what causes this is when the layer between the glass and metal becomes separated.” The separation is often caused by harsh chemicals, and then moisture and things get in that don’t belong and the mirror becomes tarnished. Wow! When we are not abiding as one with Jesus, it opens us up to tarnished perspective and we will not see clearly! Let’s keep ‘harsh chemicals’ like offense, unforgiveness & negativity out of our lives so we are not opened up to the enemy’s influence. We were made for LOVE!  Bless you all as you continue to ABIDE, be ONE, become shaped by His glory and transformed to be just like our glorious King Jesus!

~Nicholas & Michelle Barta

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