Warriors of God, in His army of love, ARISE! Regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity, our passion is to see every son and daughter step into, dwell in, and possess the fullness of what God has destined for their life! It is our great privilege and joy to be able to share our family and our journey with you!


We are driven with a fierce passion to see the sons and daughters of God walk in the fullness of their identity and destiny while running together with the family of God to fearlessly extend His Kingdom to all corners of the Earth!


Our desire is to prepare the body of Christ to become the Bride of Christ-fierce lovers and followers of Jesus who have their lamps filled with the oil of intimacy and who are walking in their God-given destiny to extend God's Kingdom uniquely through them.  With each member of the Body of Christ operating in his or her unique call, multitudes of sons and daughters will be brought into God's loving arms with hearts burning with fiery love to bring Jesus all the glory!

Our Mission


We've always said, "God can do ANYTHING with a surrendered heart and a willing yes."  That is our story.  A journey with the radical perfect love of our Heavenly Father that has so captured our hearts and all our lives to live and burn only for His Glory!  We are ordinary people who just said yes to the Father's will for our lives, and God made the rest His-story!  We live with the anthem resonating from our hearts, "Your will, Your way Yahweh!"

Saying yes to Abba's plans for our life has taken us to many places we hadn't expected.  The journey with planting Abba's Table began as all things do; as a seed.  On a trip to Aspen Colorado, God encountered us on the deck of our place that overlooked a seemingly endless sea of aspen trees.  It was here that God spoke to us about moving from our dream home and to plant a church.  Although we had no idea what to expect, we said a wholehearted YES to our Jesus!  God then spoke to us, 'will you get out of the boat?'  He had called Michelle to resign her professional position of almost 12 years and invited us to trust in Him to provide for our family.  While obeying Him to move our family and seeking Him for where He was calling us to live, He then spoke to us, "will you lay down your dream for Mine?"  We said yes to Him and He directed us to move to Arvada where we knew that He was calling us to plant this church. 

Although we had no certainty or official open doors, we stepped out in faith.  In February 2020, after quite a wild journey, God faithfully moved us to Arvada, Colorado where He had called us to plant Abba's Table.  Father God accelerated all the moving pieces together and opened doors for us that seemed to have been unlocked through our surrender to Jesus.  Within a very short amount of time, things began quickly folding in and the launching of Abba's Table was not only imminent, it was almost immediate! 

In September 2020, God called Nicholas to transition out of his pastoral role at BridgeWay Church to begin planting Abba's Table.  The amazing miracle in this journey was how God moved on the hearts of Nicholas and Michelle's spiritual parents at BridgeWay Church & Living Free Ministry to partner together with the work that God was doing to birth a greater thing of His Kingdom in this region.


We are so blessed to be in covenant with many other churches and ministries across the region! We as believers in Jesus Christ are BETTER TOGETHER! God is so good, and birthed The Aspen Family, where we are all have the same root system, but are a unique planting. Our Mamas and Papas at Brideway Church and Living Free Ministries are our proud roots that we honor and cherish deeply! This would not have happened without their love and support in SO many ways!! All for God's glory!