I remember a time in my life when life seemed to have slowed down and stood still.  I remember September 11th 2001 where our nation experienced such hardship and tremendous loss as our nation was attacked through terrorism and hatred.  It didn’t matter what state any American lived in, we all experienced the pain and loss of life through the trauma, especially those who directly lost loved ones.  We wept together,  we bled together, and we hurt together.  Yet through the pain, the fears and uncertainty, I recall the incredible unity we as a nation experienced.  There was a gentleness restored to us, a new appreciation of the delicacy of life.  People were more courteous in the grocery stores, more calm and generous driving in traffic.  As 9/11 touched all of us so deeply, God began working to tie our hearts together as one nation again.

I remember the powerful anthem that rose through the hearts of people during that painful time: ‘United We Stand.’  I will never forget how powerful the collective unity in our nation was during this time.  Men, women and children alike proudly waved their American flags and wore our nations colors, not for any political stance but for the upholding of the anthem, ‘united we stand.’  I’m not saying that there weren’t disagreements, different perspectives and opinions, etc.  However, what we had experienced was something that we hadn’t seen in quite some time; being tied together in unity and common love and respect for one another regardless of social class, political opinions or perspectives.

When seeking the heart of the Father recently, I heard the LORD say clearly, “the tides are shifting in this nation.  My tides are coming in great measure and abundance.  Open your eyes son and look to the horizon.  Do you see the masses that are coming?!  Can you see from My eyes the multitudes?  I am bringing the multitudes and they are too numerous to be counted.  Who will bring them into My house?  Who will tell them who I am and of My goodness?”

I sense deeply that we are in a great and triumphant hour of the greatest rising in the Church perhaps ever seen before.  The persecution that the church here in America has undergone recently has produced great faith in the saints and has awakened the Bride of Christ to rise up for such a time as this. What if we are on the verge of the Church of God being unified by our love and devotion to Jesus who would lay down the minor doctrinal disputes to lay hold of the power of unity through the Holy Spirit within the Body of Christ who will be the response to the chaos in our nation right now?  What if you truly were born for such a time as this to be a harvester in the Great Harvest that would usher in our King Jesus’ Second Coming?  Such a movement of unity is what God longs for, and we are beginning to see sons and daughters of God unite through worship & prayer all across this nation despite denominational divides.

Jesus said, “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.  For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of themMatthew 18:20 NKJV.  What happens when multitudes of sons and daughters gather in unity to worship Jesus in spirit and truth, and then begin to pray God’s will be done for our nation?  What happens is the tides begin to shift and doorways of sin that opened gateways of darkness and destruction begin to be slammed shut through repentance and unified prayer through the saints.  Ground is reclaimed and strongholds within our nation are torn down.  Sometimes something needs to get broken before people realize that it needed to be fixed.  Now is that time for our nation, and multitudes of sons and daughters are answering that call!

I believe that Almighty God is ushering an anthem of Unity to rise in the hearts of His beloved sons & daughters in this hour!  The ones who choose to answer the call become magnets of God’s unfailing grace that empowers them to stand united in Christ by the Holy Spirit and to advance His purposes through their spheres of influence, exposing the enemy’s lies, tearing down strongholds and bringing in the lost into the arms of Abba Father.  These ones empowered with God’s grace are not distracted by the social, political and spiritual divides in our nation right now.  They are burning for that which is greater…a unified Body of believers who seek the face of God on their knees, earnestly pray for our nation aligned with the perfect will of God and have Great Faith for change to come!  These sons and daughters refuse to bite the bait of the seemingly countless offenses that are swirling around, and rather relentlessly pursue the face of God and listen to His heart of the plans that He desires to bring about in this hour.

I sense God is teaching us to trust in Him in the midst of all the chaos and shaking, that HE alone is God Almighty and HE is NOT SHAKEN!  God is moving His Church to lock shields and unify in this hour and that our nation will collectively bow our knees to the King of kings and LORD of lords, JESUS!! We are being raised up as ambassadors for Christ to pollinate His love, His truth and His victory over this beautiful nation bringing His Son Jesus all the glory!  We are to rise as His ambassadors of reconciliation who love our neighbors and even our enemies yet who refuse to compromise truth and will stand for righteousness in our nation despite the rejection and persecution.

Romans 12:9 teaches us, “Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good.” As the sons and daughters of God catch our Father’s perspective of everything that is going on, the fight will be turned away from each other and be turned towards advancing His purposes fearlessly and unified together as we stand united in Christ Jesus!  Our love for God and His love for His people flowing through us must remain primary so that we are not like the waves of the seas driven and tossed by the winds of offense, political agendas, etc.  Now is the time to lock eyes with our King Jesus, to hate what is evil and to cling to that which is good through our Lord’s eyes and perspective.  As we commit to seek God and position our perspective to be focused on His face, only then shall we be able to see, think, live and lead with His initiatives that advance His purposes in our spheres of influence.  Through this place, it is the Holy Spirit who positions us to walk in the reality of the anthem, United We Stand.

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