Philippians 4:1 “So STAND FAST in the LORD, Beloved.”

As the tides of this storm toss and turn, and continue to rage, we are given everything we need to remain grounded, solid, secure and full of hope in the Giver of life and hope.  Our weapons of warfare are not carnal, but mighty in God for the pulling down of strongholds!  Contrary to what we may be seeing in the natural and in the news, we the Church are rising up like a Great Tidal Wave fierce with momentum, power and God’s glory who are fearless in confronting the darkness and bringing God’s radiant Light!  This Tidal Wave is about to sweep across the globe tearing down demonic systems and structures, liberating God’s people and setting the standard of holiness and purity in the Church to flow across the globe.

Sound crazy….too crazy to believe?!  We are called to be even more emboldened in faith for God to move in our world in the midst of all this darkness we’re seeing.  God is searching to and fro among all the hearts of His people who’ve captured their gaze upon His Fiery eyes of Glory who walk in great faith despite what they see!  The question for each of us is to ask ourselves, DO I BELIEVE?  Only you can answer this question with the Lord.  I believe with all my heart and with everything inside me, God is about to MOVE BIG TIME!!  I believe the Spirit of God is championing us to position ourselves and be ready for the greatest outpouring beyond anything we’ve ever imagined!  He’s beckoning us to dare to rejoice and worship Jesus before we see the tides turn, and to believe with great faith that God is raising up His tidal wave of glory through His Ekklessia that is about to hit all across the globe in this end times harvest!!  And what’s required of us?  To Persevere, Press In, Press On and STAND FAST in the LORD in this hour!!  Do not give up Hope Church, our God is Faithful who also will do it (1 Thess 5:24)!  Glory, Honor, Praise, Might, and Power be unto our Awesome and Holy God forever and ever, amen!!

~Nicholas Barta

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