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God wants to uncomplicate things for us! What should we do when things go differently than you expect? How do we navigate disappointment, confusion, etc.?  Through experiencing several difficult situations, Michelle unpacks what Holy Spirit gave her from a Biblical perspective as a helpful approach to navigate these times so that we do not get hung up and unable to move forward! This is not meant to be a formula to fix any problem, but a helpful guide IN PARTNERSHIP with Holy Spirit that will result in healing and wholeness. Be encouraged! There is a way through, and as we stay surrendered to God in the process, you will come out on the other side of any hardship stronger than you were before!


Romans 12:2, Matthew 11, Acts 16, Proverbs 4:23, Matthew 12:34, Luke 10:27, Hebrews 4:16, Philippians 4:8

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