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The power of a father’s blessing in our lives is immeasurable! As we look at scripture, we see that the extreme importance of a father’s blessing in ancient times was no small deal.  Father’s would bless their firstborn sons with everything that they carry and with all that God revealed and led them to speak over their son’s lives.  We see the incredible weight of Father God’s blessing when we see it passed from generation to generation, starting with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Since we are in Christ, that incredible lineage of blessing is passed unto us along with the compounding blessings and breakthroughs of those who’ve gone before us!  Because of Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection, we too are blessed by God in all things because we are all His beloved children.  Be blessed by this message of the lineage of the Father’s blessing so that you go forth with blessing to bless!

Key Scriptures: Genesis 17:7, 22:1-18, 24:1, 25:5-11, 26:1-5, 26:14-24, 27:28-29, 28:3-4, 28:12-15; Malachi 4:6

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