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We are approaching a season where the Lord is going to take the Church and this nation into a time of rebuilding.  This is not a rebuilding of what was before, but rather is a time of establishing and fortifying our nation to be brought into the righteousness of the LORD and returning back to holiness.  In the book of Nehemiah, we can see a strong correlation of the very times that our nation is in right now.  In this message, we unpack some keys learned from Nehemiah and his leadership of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem and overcoming the taunting, deception, false accusation and wickedness of the enemy in their pursuit of rebuilding the walls and restoring hope to a broken nation.  This is a prophetic message of the season we as Americans are about to walk into as we see the Lord working powerfully and mightily in the USA to establish her back to Himself.  Be encouraged, the season we’re about to walk into is going to be incredible beyond words, and without question, there will be an immense Great Harvest of sons and daughters receiving Jesus Christ as LORD!!  Let’s prepare for this season of rising up and building God’s Kingdom!

Keys Scriptures: Nehemiah chapters 4 & 6

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