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God is weaponizing His Church right now with the gift of thankfulness.  We as God’s Ekklessia are being raised into new levels of breakthrough for the war that is raging in the heavenlies right now.  The key to greater breakthrough is our ability to remember God’s faithfulness in our past and take up these stones of remembrance just as Joshua commanded the 12 tribes of Israel to do when crossing the Jordan, and to load our slings with these memory stones to slay the giants attempting to block the Church from entering the promised land!  God is taking everything that the enemy meant for evil and HE is turning it for our good!  God is taking these masks and turning them into slings of victory and weapons of grace to take out the giants blocking us from possessing this new promised land!  Take courage and be strengthened as we unpack this word from the LORD as we come to a close in 2020 and set our hope in God alone for 2021.

Key Scriptures: Joshua 4:1-7; 1 Samuel 17:37

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