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In this move of God, the LORD is calling out to those who will submit themselves completely and yield their lives fully to the will of the Father, surrendering all to King Jesus. God promises us in His Word that through our surrender to Him comes blessing, healing and multiplication! There are many prophetic keys that the LORD gives us in Ezekiel 47. In this message, we focus on surrendering our strength, our ability, our hearts and minds fully over to Jesus and say yes to getting into the river of His presence where there is life, healing and an abundant harvest! Be encouraged with this message and championed to surrender afresh everything in your life over to Jesus, allowing Him to bless the surrender of your heart with His abundant life. Live fully surrendered and remain in the river of His presence and glory and just imagine what God will do with your sacrifice to follow after Him!

Key Scriptures: Ezekiel chapters 40-47, specifically 44:4; 47:1-12 & Revelation 22:1-2

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