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In these times of shaking, God is doing a deep work in the Church and specifically in our nation.  When studying the book of Exodus of when the children of Israel were delivered by the LORD from the Egyptians, we learn that it took 40 years for the LORD to take Egypt out of the Israelites.  We are living in times of great parallel where God is sovereignly purging the things of the world out of His Church, His chosen Bride, and handing her His rod of authority to release heaven on earth.  As we continue to pursue the LORD in this season and allow Him to purify His Ekklesia, we then will be given the rod of God to extend and see giants fall and heaven invading earth!  Let’s not skip past this season of pruning, so that in due season, we the Ekklesia will produce greater fruit and fruit that remains to bring Jesus glory.

Key Scriptures: Exodus 14:13-14; chapters 16-17 & specifically Exodus 17:15

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