This is not simply a small group, it's the new wine House Church MOVEMENT! These Campfires are the Acts 2 model house churches restored and accelerated for such a time as this!


Come Gather With Us!
We are a Kingdom Family of believers in Jesus Christ who love gathering together in homes during the week with one accord, sharing life on life interaction and worshiping God collectively with hearts filled with His love! You are invited to join us and to be known, loved and accepted into this incredible family and this powerful movement!

We have campfires being set all over the city that are now filling with people who are longing to find God, grow deeper in their faith and enrich their communities with the presence and power of our Almighty God! This is not a church, but rather a community of people from multiple churches who are hungry to partner with God in this Great Harvest and bring the lost, broken and hurting into a family atmosphere of love, acceptance and strengthening. 

Come join a campfire and find your place in Family at the Father's Table!

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Listen to the vision launch!


Campfires are being hosted by our LFM Family and the Abba's Table Family!

Interested in being a Campfire Host Home, Lead, or Support Lead?

Contact Us!

Let's set our state ablaze for the King of Glory!